25/03/2020 SPA

The buttertea SPA promise

Treat yourself to one of our exclusive buttertea cashmere garments and not only can you savour the sensation on your skin but if it starts to pill, or you’re at all unhappy with the way it looks, .....

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24/03/2020 Product

Soft bomber

Our classic bomber-style cardigan is of course also crafted on handknitting machines in Tuscany using our superb 2/28 cashmere yarn. The inner collar is knitted in a contrasting colour, .....

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22/03/2020 Product

All wrapped up

Stay warm and cosy in this top-quality, 10-ply cashmere coat − a dream come true. Whatever the day ahead may bring, you’ll be a match for it. Whether you opt for the casual version .....

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24/02/2020 Product

Head space

You know those times when you just want to switch off from everything, but you can’t because you’re out in public? Our super-soft hoodies offer knitted privacy – just put your hood up and zone out!

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19/02/2020 Our planet

there is no 2nd chance

It’s time everyone became aware of their responsibility towards our planet. That’s why, for us at buttertea, sustainability is not just a question of natural or recycled products but an integral .....

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17/02/2020 Handcrafted

Traditional handknitting

Handknitting is the fine art of a manual craft transposed into the industrial age. And while today both Germany and Japan produce superb computer-controlled knitting machines .....

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13/02/2020 Handcrafted

Only as good as its seams

The linking machine handles the seaming or construction of the various pieces of a knitted garment. The crucial thing here is to ensure that every last stitch is picked up, to avoid holes .....

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10/02/2020 Why materials matter

For your eyes only

As for the exact composition of the individual fibres and how they are plied, well, this is something the top yarn manufacturers are careful to keep to themselves.

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03/02/2020 Natural production

Superior Quality

It’s the unique qualities of the fibres that make cashmere so desirable. No other fibre merits so many superlatives: Cashmere is far finer than even the finest wool .....

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27/01/2020 Our planet

Think global, act local

There are many different sides to sustainability. As we can’t source our raw material in the quality that we need directly in Europe, we felt it was important to at least ensure that .....

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20/01/2020 Why materials matter

Another secret

Did you know that every cashmere item gets a wash before it’s dispatched? That’s because very few people would find unwashed cashmere attractive. Washing the fibre after .....

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14/01/2020 Why materials matter

Magicans of Montale @ work

Transforming raw cashmere into yarn is a complex process that requires not only sophisticated machinery but also expert knowledge that few people command. The ideal combination of engineering .....

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08/01/2020 True traditions

Pitti uomo - Firenze

Every year in January and June, brands, buyers and all true devotees of tailoring and high-end menswear in particular head for the fabulous city of Florence to help celebrate the Pitti Uomo trade show.

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02/01/2020 Product

Super duper hoodie

The derivation of the buttertea brand are our ultimate feel-good hoodies with personal privacy. There are always these situations where you need time for yourself. Simply hood up!

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28/12/2019 Natural production

Natural Colours

The first step in processing raw (also known as “greasy”) cashmere is to sort the fibres by quality and colour. But even before this can happen, all non-fibrous impurities must first .....

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21/12/2019 Natural production

Country of origin

Top-quality cashmere calls for experienced herders who really look after their goats − and for the ideal climate. To make sure we get top-quality yarn that meets our discerning standards, .....

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06/12/2019 Why materials matter

Arriving at the mill

When the raw cashmere comes off the train after 45 days en route from Asia to Italy, the big linen bales are opened and the contents visually inspected. As cashmere fibres are paid for by weight, .....

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30/11/2019 True traditions

Home sweet home

Even today, up to 60% of the population of Mongolia still live in traditional yurts. Accustomed from birth to a nomadic lifestyle that means moving their yurts frequently from one place .....

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24/11/2019 Why materials matter


In March 2016, our yarn manufacturer signed up to the Detox project promoted by Greenpeace. Aware of the importance of eliminating hazardous substances from the production cycle, the company .....

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18/11/2019 Natural production

Handpicked quality

To this day, the finest raw fibres for our super cashmere yarns are still hand-combed from the goats. The more carefully the herders work, the higher the prices they will obtain for their bales .....

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12/11/2019 Why materials matter

Cold air, warm hair

The finest, softest and most durable cashmere fibres come from Mongolia, Inner Mongolia and Tibet. Why? For one thing there’s the dry and very cold climate, and for another the wide range .....

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08/11/2019 Handcrafted

Needle and thread makes your darling complete

If you thought that selecting the right yarns and getting the best and most experienced people to operate our handknitting machines was all there was to it, then think again.

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02/11/2019 Handcrafted

Talented fingers

The final step in the production of a high-quality cashmere garment is handled by the finishing department. This is where all buttertea products are subjected to initial quality control .....

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26/10/2019 Our planet

Natural fibres

We took our time when choosing the company that supplies our yarn. Given the quality to which we aspire, only the very best manufacturer of cashmere yarn would do. Not only that, .....

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19/10/2019 Product

Racing style

When we develop new styles for buttertea, we always look to produce timeless classics. We don’t design fast-fashion items and we don’t feel the need to follow the latest trends.

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13/10/2019 SPA

Looking after cashmere

High-quality cashmere is actually very easy to look after and keep looking good. There are only a few points to bear in mind to ensure that you can continue to enjoy your natural product .....

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06/10/2019 Why materials matter

Sustainable yarns

Our decision to collaborate with our chosen yarn manufacturer in Prato was based on two key considerations: Firstly, nowhere have we encountered higher quality, and secondly, .....

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30/09/2019 Why materials matter

Experience meets innovation

Our yarn manufacturing partner originally came from the mechanical engineering sector where they developed and built machinery − and that same inventive spirit still pervades the company.

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22/09/2019 Natural production

Our colleagues

As an international brand, we set great store by the ethnic diversity of our workforce. Our colleagues in Mongolia and Inner Mongolia, for example, are responsible for supplying our raw material.

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14/09/2019 Our planet

Environmentally aware

For us, sustainability is first and foremost about lasting quality. We are actively opposed to the frenzy of the fast fashion industry. That’s why we develop products which, if cared .....

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08/09/2019 True traditions


The most typical Mongolian beverage is süutei tsai (salty milk tea). This is the Mongolian version of the buttertea traditionally drunk in the Himalayan regions. The Mongols welcome visitors .....

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01/09/2019 Our planet

All parts of the product

Every item that goes into our products is carefully selected with a view to helping the planet, although without ever compromising the quality of any part of the finished product.

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28/08/2019 True traditions

Colourful by tradition

The people of Mongolia can boast a long and proud heritage. To this day, like their ancestors thousands of years before them, some 60% of the population still live in yurts.

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24/08/2019 Handcrafted

Perfect fit

Leaving aside for a moment the composition and quality of the yarn, the right size and the perfect fit hold the key to that feel-good sensation in your favourite item of cashmere knitwear.

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18/08/2019 Product

Bold beanie

Not only are our accessories made to the same high standard as our sweaters and cardigans, they are also just as soft and last just as long because they are knitted from the same yarn.

Calimero with Sombrero

14/08/2019 Our planet

Sustainable action

Adopting an integrated, environmentally compatible approach to garment production also means finding the right partners. Fortunately, we were able to locate the ideal partners in Italy – .....

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12/08/2019 Handcrafted

What's in a name?

It’s only when the sustainable labels (60% organic cotton, 40% recycled polyester) are attached that our high-quality knitwear can be identified as products of the **buttertea** brand.

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08/08/2019 Why materials matter

Best of the yarn

Renowned for its textiles, the small Italian town of Prato is a veritable cashmere hub, hosting an elite circle of top-class manufacturers of cashmere yarn. At a time when growing volumes .....

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06/08/2019 Why materials matter

The buttertea yarn

2/28 cashmere represents a unique level of quality in which two strands or ‘plies’ are spun into a top-class yarn. Production of such high-quality yarn is restricted to a particularly .....

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01/08/2019 Product

Cosy coat

When you get up in the morning and don’t want to think about what to wear, you can’t go wrong with our super-soft, ultra-cosy knitted coats. Worn casual with jeans, over work-out clothes .....

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24/07/2019 Our planet

Gentle packaging

Needless to say, high-quality luxury goods need to be packed securely for the journey to their new owner. Here too we have opted for a zero-plastic solution. No matter if buttertea products .....

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18/07/2019 SPA

Cashmere Care

Products made from cashmere, one of the world’s most beautiful and most expensive natural materials, will last a long time if cared for correctly. Owing to its fibre structure,

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